flexible courses

With our flexible training solution you can design a course specific to your company and employees' needs.  

Dates, times and locations are all arranged to your convenience! With our help, you can create your own content for your course - enabling you to select just the areas that you need training on.

You can use our needs analysis tool to assess your delegates' requirements, and use our course outlines to assist with your decision. We can also incorporate some of your own examples into the training to make the content more realistic to your business. The needs analysis tool can be requested using our contact form.

Our flexible training extends beyond Microsoft Applications, covering applications from companies such as Adobe, Sage, and Lotus.

Better still, when you can release 3 or more people to train at the same time, choosing the flexible option is likely to be the more cost effective route to getting the training you need!

why choose flexible?

  • If you need training, what could be better for your business than your choice of:

  • where
  • when and
  • what?

To view all of our flexible courses, see our full course list.


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