Course Outline

Microsoft Teams 2016 Introduction


Who is this course for?

New Users of Office 365, who want to learn how to use Microsoft Teams.


How long is this course?

1/2 Day 


What do I need to know before attending?

You should be familiar with Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Windows. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Create and manage members of a team.
  • Upload files and collaborate.
  • Communicate with colleagues via chat, video and meetings.
  • Use Teams on mobile devices.
  • Work with Channels, Groups and Chats.


Price Band:



MS Teams Overview
Accessing Teams and the Start Screen

User Account settings
Notification settings

Creating and Managing Teams
Creating, Join, Favorite a Team
Adding, Reordering, Leaving Teams
Adding Members and Owners
Member and Guest Permissions
Profile Management

Creating, Managing, Viewing a Channel
Channel Connectors
Favorites, Following
Email, Link to Channel
Adding Tabs
Adding Uploaded Office Files to a Tab

Starting a Chat, 1-1 and Group Private chat
Activity threads
Add people to a Chat
Formatting and Emojis, Mems, Stickers
Changing Chats to Meetings
Status indicators

Conversation Thread
Tag a Person, Channel, Team
Like, Save, Mark messages as unread

Creating a Group, creating a Team
Group conversations
Group Calendar, Planner, Site

File Storage and Management
Find and Search Chats, Files, People
My Activity feed and filters
Uploading, Sharing Files
Convert the File to a tab

Using Video or Phone audio
Scheduling and Joining Meetings
Sharing Desktops
Working with Teams on Mobile IOS or Android

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