Course Outline

Microsoft Vista Introduction


Who is this course for?

As a user of earlier Windows versions, or a new PC user, the topics covered on this course will give you a practical familiarity and understanding of the differences and benefits when using Vista on your computer.


How long is this course?

1 Day 


What do I need to know before attending?

There are no pre-requisites. This course is suitable for complete beginners and for those who are upgrading from previous versions of Windows to Vista. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Access and customise your Vista Desktop.
  • Utilise the standard Vista file management tools.
  • Recognise the key differences between Vista and your current operating environment.


Price Band:



An overview of the differences and benefits of Vista as an operating environment.

Desktop & Window Overview
Components of the Desktop.
Different kinds of windows and menus, opening, positioning, sizing and closing them.
The significance and use of the Start Button.
Get Help and shutting down your PC.
Use Short Cut menus.
Understanding Dialogue boxes and their various controls.
Different techniques for selecting text or files using both the mouse and keyboard.
Examining Property sheets.

A brief introduction to some of the accessories supplied with Vista, including Calculator, WordPad and Paint.

The Explorer & Friends
Understanding and using the Windows Explorer, copying, moving and renaming files.
The significance of 'Documents' and 'Network'.
File saving under Windows Vista applications.
Associated standard Explorer Icons.

OLE, the Clipboard and Other Standard Windows Components
The concepts of Object Linking & Embedding and how this fits in to the principles of Windows environments.
The Single Toolbar and Extended Menus.

User Control
Settings and the Control Panel.
Accessing Print management and understanding the Task Manager.
Windows Vista Security - logging on, locking workstations.
Setting passwords.

Additional Topics
These are covered, as required, only when you are comfortable with the core elements of the course and include:
Customisation of your Desktop, Taskbar and Control Panel, Potential network utilities and technical considerations, internet connectivity.

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