Course Outline

Google SketchUp Pro 2015 Introduction


Who is this course for?

You will be able to choose any of the features, commands, and techniques of Sketchup (see typical topics shown below) that will apply to the users objectives on real world scenarios using many practical workshop exercises.


How long is this course?

1 Day 


What do I need to know before attending?

Before attending this course you should be able to navigate around a computer. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Understand dimensions and have the ability to create 2 and 3 dimensional geometry.
  • Work with surfaces to create lines, circles, polygons, arcs and curves.
  • Generate and work with forms.
  • Edit existing 2D and 3D models


Price Band:



Introduction to SketchUp
Using the 3D User Interface

3D Draw and Modification Tools
Learning about 3D Draw modification tools

Working with Construction Tools
Useful Construction Tools

Selection techniques
Learn different selection techniques

Dividing and Healing Geometry
Working with Dividing and Healing Geometry

Boolean Operations

Materials and Libraries
Learning about Materials and Libraries

Components and Libraries
Learning about Components and Libraries

Creating and Managing Layers
Creating and workign with Layers

Importing accurate AutoCAD data
Importing from AutoCAD

Creating an animated presentation
Learn how to create an animated presentation

Setting printing preferences

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