Course Outline

Adobe InDesign CS6 Advanced


Who is this course for?

Adobe InDesign is a high powered desktop publishing program, used across the industry to create professional publications. This course will develop your skills for creating, editing and formatting documents.


How long is this course?

1 Day 


What do I need to know before attending?

It is assumed that you have a skill level equivalent to that gained through attending the introductory InDesign training. 


What will I expect to achieve at the end of the training?
At the end of this course
you will be able to:

  • Create professional level publications involving advanced graphics and text positioning features.
  • Use time saving methods for large documents and importing data.


Price Band:



Advanced Text Features
Managing Styles.
Style overrides.
Conditional Formatting.

Graphical Techniques
Layers - Watermarks, Pull Quotes, Inline Shapes.
Colours, Gradients and Strokes.

Positioning Text in tables.
Tabs as an alternative to tables.

Creating accurate or expressive Bezier Paths.
Paths from Text and Compound Paths.
Clipping Paths from Images.

Large Document Features
Managing a slow computer.
Multiple Chapter Documents.
Table of Contents.
Cross references.

Using Imported Data
Creating a data source.
Repeatedly filling a template with external data.

Checking before printing.
Export to PDF.
Other formats - Packages, Flash, Images.

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